Jay Hutton

The GrayHawk Story by founder Jay Hutton

In 1991, I started GrayHawk with one purpose in mind: to provide actionable and accurate information to local growers and winemakers in order to help them improve the quality and uniformity of their crops while describing differential harvesting opportunities. After meeting with various industry experts for more than a year to discuss industry-specific needs, GrayHawk partnered with NASA to create a calibrated sensor that allows our partners to harvest for the highest returns while creating more wine lots. To put it simply, our scientific airborne remote sensing provides a tool that enables our clients to manage their vineyard protocols more efficiently and with increased profitability.

GrayHawk the leading imaging provider to the industry in California.

Rely on Our Company for Accurate Digital Imaging Solutions

Our digital imaging tools are designed to help our clients enhance the way that their crops are managed in a number of ways. Some of the primary areas that our accurate imaging solutions are designed to improve include the following:

  • Crop Management on a Sub-Block Basis
  • Improvement of Berry Quality
  • Reduction of Water Usage
  • Monitoring of Infestations
  • Highlighting of Areas that Need Extra Care

Our Clients Depend on Us for High-Quality Aerial Mapping

Our reputation for working with our clients to meet their goals, timing, budgets, and data requirements has made us the state’s leading vineyard aerial mapping and imaging provider for the industry. In 2016, we were the grateful recipient of the prestigious Innovation and Quality Award from Wine Business Monthly, and our images were used on the cover of the publication.

There are four significant reasons why clients depend on us:

  1. Direct, Personal Service -

Clients communicate directly with us, and there is no salesman or manager in the way. We offer no excuses, only direct dependability.

  1. Superior Quality of Imagery -

Our sensors are calibrated at NASA Ames Research, and we have our own integration sphere to maintain top quality.

  1. Rapid Turnaround Time

Typical turnaround time is within two days of the flight.

  1. Exceptional Geo-Referencing -

We take the time necessary to fully geo-reference an image so that the blocks fit precisely.