Color Imaging Solutions from the Experts

GrayHawk provides professional-quality imagery for a variety of presentation uses for our clients in Napa, California and the surrounding areas. Our top-grade materials are designed to enhance any presentations, brochures, and other marketing projects that you perform. Our images are captured using a Canon Mk II at 18 megapixels with a 70-200 mm lens and a Canon with a power zoom lens for more close-up work.

Our pictures are taken in the pure vertical through a camera port located in the belly of the aircraft or obliquely with a telephoto camera. For a comprehensive view of your crops, vertical and oblique imagery can also be combined on a single flight.

Map Your Vineyard Easily with Our Vertical Photography

Vertical photography is an excellent option for updating vineyard conditions and demonstrating map-like relationships. It is also a great tool for legal exhibits, project planning, and project progress monitoring.

Oblique Photography is a Great Tool for Promoting Your Business

Oblique photography is primarily used for the advertising and promotion of wineries, business, and real estate. It makes an excellent gift for anyone who is fond of overhead landscapes, as well.


Contact us to find out more about our color imaging options. We serve clients in Napa, California, and the surrounding areas.