Develop Vineyard Blocks with the Help of GIS & Mapping

Map examplesHere at GrayHawk, we assist clients by developing basic vineyard block maps using GIS and airborne imaging. One of the primary uses of these imaging products is the printing of PDF-formatted maps for clients who do not have a GIS system. Maps are generated from either georeferenced or pseudo-referenced materials.

Develop Successful Site Plans with Our Ortho-imagery

Images are taken from existing county, USGS, or other available ortho-imagery rather than on-site with GIS equipment. Our services include the production of map layers for new site imagery georeferenced to county or other orthophotography. This is instrumental in the creation of block boundaries for roads and special features, and offers options for the following:
  • Identified Pump Locations or Irrigation
  • Vine Row Creation
  • Vineyard Grid Overlays
  • Slope Imagery
  • Aspect Imagery

Airborne Imagery Map Disclaimer

We are an airborne imaging firm, not a licensed survey company. The client is the responsible person, as defined in the California Survey Act, in control of all map production. All elevations and boundaries in our maps are from public sources or provided by the client. All maps showing boundaries or elevations are for the exclusive internal use of the client, and for no other purpose.  If the client needs survey-certified maps, then we will be pleased to work with the client's surveyor.

Contact our staff to begin planning your GIS and mapping project.  We serve clients in Napa, California, and the surrounding areas.