GrayHawk Products

Take Advantage of Our High-Quality Archive ImageryTake Advantage of Our High-Quality Archive Imagery

GrayHawk Imaging provides NDVI and color imagery products from two sources; archive imagery and custom flights. We offer options for imagery only or imagery with a GeoPDF©  Map. All of our imagery comes in TIFF (Tagged Image Format File) format and features a color table unless otherwise specified. In order to be fully prepared, we prefer an advanced notice of a week when scheduling a time for your flight.

Archive Imagery

Our archive imagery flights in Napa, California and the surrounding areas are flown twice a year, with the first occurring in spring and the second after our custom Veraison flights. We cover the North Coast, Northern Sonoma, parts of Lake County, Sonoma, and the Napa agricultural area. The spatial resolution of these images is two feet for color and one meter for NDVI.  See the map on the Request a Proposal page to order, or email us a .kml Google Earth file or an ESRI shapefile of your site’s block boundaries.

Schedule a Flight for Custom NDVI Images

Our custom NDVI flights are scheduled on dates that are specially requested by each client. Spatial resolution for these images is two feet for color and one meter for NDVIs.

Arrange a Flyover for Red Leaf Map Overlay

Red Leaf Map Overlay flights are scheduled upon client request, and typically occur toward the end of Veraison. Spatial resolution is less than one foot for these images.

Use Our Color Imaging for Your Marketing

Color imagery flights are scheduled upon client request. Products may be oblique or vertical images.

Contact our staff to take advantage of our archive imagery solutions. We serve clients in Napa, California, and the surrounding areas.