Discover More about the Use of NDVI ImageryDiscover More about the Use of NDVI Imagery

Here at GrayHawk, we like to say that our products are “free” for growers who use them because the cost of imagery more than pays for itself. Our images provide the following benefits to each of our clients in Napa, California and the nearby areas:

Profit Improvement - An Australian study described the financial advantage of just one aspect of using NDVI to differentially harvest. The results showed an increased return of $12,835 per acre, with a return on imagery cost of more than 1200%, and an increase of 19% in total revenue for the project. .(1)

Practice Improvement - A key objective of vineyard management is to improve the return on assets by improving grape quality and block uniformity. Use NDVI to: set sample zones for petiole pressure measurement, compare time periods to see your progress, examine growth differences for underlying soil analysis, and change irrigation sets within blocks for improved efficiency and savings.

Precision Application - Improve application control and differential mowing and disking with NDVI by pre-identifying start-stop points. Think about how much you’ll save annually with better application control, and consider what that means in the long-term performance of your crops.

Berry Quality Sampling - Design sampling zones that are based on NDVI classifications then sample for cluster size, sugar levels, taste qualities, and more. This offers a comprehensive analysis of multiple crop factors, reflecting on the overall quality of your berries.

Harvest Planning - NDVI enables you to view your vineyard on a sub-block basis and define a harvest plan with fruit characteristics that are related to the NDVI color classes by block. This gives you the opportunity to create more wine lots and more blending opportunities.

Experience the Positive Results of Calibrated NDVI Imagery

When properly calibrated, NDVI imagery provides a variety of positive results. With this imagery at your disposal, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Leverage Return-On-Assets through Increased Efficiency
  • Improve Vineyard Management Protocols
  • Improve Grape Quality
  • Increase Block Uniformity
  • Allow Management on a Sub-Block Basis
  • Increase Efficiency in Berry Sampling
  • Improve Harvest Design
  • Provide an Excellent Grower Relations Tool

Contact us to learn more about the proper use of NDVI. We serve clients in Napa, California, and the surrounding areas.

1 Rob Bramley, et. Al. “Being profitable precisely -  a case study of precision viticulture from Margaret River”, The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker, Annual Technical Issue 2003.